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Webinar by GACD & BOREA - Dr Lanoiselée

Published on 18th June 2021



To mark the beginning of the collaboration between GACD and BOREA, we decided to organize a webinar together to promote the multiple benefits and applications of the Rayplicker solution.

For this presentation, we called upon a specialist in the field, Dr. Edouard Lanoiselée who has been using Rayplicker since 2018.


"Our practice has been completely transformed in the past years with the arrival of digital tools. The patient can now be digitized to allow the dentist to think about his overall treatment, to record a situation in order to reconstruct it and sometimes to simulate the treatment before even making the first cut. All of these elements, which are at the service of the patient and the quality of his treatment, are also great communication channels with the laboratory. The Rayplicker solution offers to both practitioner and dental technician a means of communication around the shade. Its flexibility and versatility facilitate both internal and external treatments. Faced with the difficulties we encounter on a daily basis around color, being able to objectify and evaluate the data will help to unblock certain situations. During this webinar, we will present the operating principle of the Rayplicker solution and its application through clinical cases". Dr. Edouard Lanoiselée


This webinar is a must watch!

Feel free to watch it over and over again to learn more about color and to review all the possible applications with Rayplicker

Webinar presented by Doctor Edouard Lanoiselée on June 15 2021


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