Dr. Olivier Boujenah

Dental surgeon

Paris (France)

I am Doctor Olivier Boujenah, dental surgeon specialized in implantology and aesthetics. I practice in my office located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

As soon as I need to know the shade of a tooth, I systematically use the Rayplicker. Being in a totally digital workflow, the Rayplicker solution has been perfectly integrated in my daily workflow for 4 years now.

In our practice, we have the lab here directly on site. Therefore, the exchanges with our dental technician are even easier than before: I just take the shade with the Rayplicker Handy and give him the device. I also use the Rayplicker cloud to send him all the information.

The Rayplicker Handy has a rightful place like all the other "toys" in my office, as my goal is to be fast and efficient. In one click, I have the global or detailed shade and I only have to choose my block (or my disc) for milling according to the information and that's it!

For these reasons, I recommend the Rayplicker which fits perfectly into today's digital workflow and follows the increasing digitalization of practices.

Products used

rayplicker handy