Updated on 11th August 2021

Your image is blurred or there are spots on it. Remember to clean the optical window from time to time
To do so, use the microfiber cleaning wipe provided in your Rayplicker pack.

Here are the seven important steps to achieve a correct shade-taking:

  1. Grey edges parallel to screen edges
  2. Mouth opened and breathing through the nose
  3. Saliva limitation
  4. Centering the tooth, without angle nor inclination
  5. Tip under the lip
  6. Tip in contact with adjacent teeth
  7. Tip in contact with the gingiva

Information: polarizing films are present on the sensor of your Rayplicker device. For non-polarized photos of your patient, please use the “Pics App Solution” mobile app or a camera.

Do not hesitate to consult the helpdesk page of your device: https://borea-dental.com/en/helpdesk-rayplicker-handy/